What people say about him

Polypop’s orchestrations are excellent!

Paolo Conte, singer-songwriter

Paolo Colombo has a long range inspiration, that sweeps over different fields, from fourteenth and fifteenth century music and a dampened Romanticism of the French ninth century up to the use of electronic instrumentations: this eclecticism surprises me and at the same time disorients me…

Pupi Avati, director

Today it is essential to take a clear position towards history and the social and political situation to be a composer: Colombo chose to communicate in both cases…
Paolo Colombo’s eclecticism… is the result of a difficult research to communicate to a bigger and bigger public, by holding the quality of his music.

Gottfried H. Wagner, musicologist and director

I thank Paolo Colombo for the reflection, for the suggestion…
I thank Paolo Colombo for the reflection, for the suggestion…
I thank him for having payed homage to the beauties of Siena and for having made us more responsible of our treasures…

Antonio Buoncristiani, Archbishop of Siena

If we look for a valid alternative to easy listening music but we haven’t the courage to pass to classical music and if we like vocal music but we are fed up with mountain songs and gospel, the Polypop idea of Paolo Colombo can represent a valid proposal: the quality of the Italian easy listening music gone over in a Renaissance polyphonic way, that means when two art languages create a third one, the Polypopfonia.

Claudio Ricordi, music journalist

Paolo Colombo belongs to those composers who try the recovery of emotion and speech. In his music there is the drama of a broken age: his darkness isn’t absolute but it’s dramatically frequented by predictions of light. He draws it from the wide set of his registers.
He has a versatile talent, able of deepness but that isn’t shameful to the lightness, with a powerful expressiveness, but also controlled and far away from every emphasis.

Roberto Mussapi, poet