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Interviews list:

  • 14th Dicember 2012
    Pa.Co.Radio gains a new audio about interview at Paolo Colombo during a special to the "Prima della Scala" on 7th December 2012, attend by Claudio Ricordi, on Radio Popolare.

  • 23th November 2012
    Pa.Co.Radio gains a new audio about "TREDICI POESIE" by Roberto Mussapi, music by Paolo Colombo.
    Tredici Poesie, Rugginenti Editore, was broadcasted by Rai Radio 3 in January 1998.
    You can listen Dormiva, o io credevo… and Metamorfosi.

  • 7th December 2011
    Interview during the national live of the Speciale Prima della Scala – Don Giovanni broadcasted by Radio Popolare. Host Claudio Ricordi

  • 17th December 2006
    Concert interview during the national liveo of the transmission L’altro lato, hosted by Federico Taddia on Radio Due

  • 17th December 2006
    Polypop’s concert live from the Auditorium Demetrio Stratos of Radio Popolare. Hosts: from Milan Claudio Ricordi, from Rome Niccolò